Calibration, Testing and Commissioning

ARA has developed a wide range of calibration, testing and commissioning capabilities for aerospace testing applications. All of our experimental measurements are traceable to national standards.

Sensor Calibration: Angle, Force, Pressure, Temperature

ARA has decades of experience calibrating a wide range of angle, force, pressure and temperature sensors which are used in our onsite test facilities. Instrumentation we calibrate onsite includes:

  • Inclinometers
  • One dimensional load cells
  • Bespoke multi-axis force and moment measurement equipment in particular wind tunnel balances
  • Individual pressure transducers
  • Multiport electronically scanned pressure modules
  • Platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs)

Testing and Commissioning

ARA has a wide range of facilities and equipment which are available for use in testing or physical experiments.

Our pilot transonic wind tunnel is available for commercial use. This facility has been used to calibrate flow angle sensors and 5 hole probes; however, subject to safety requirements (and if its small enough to fit in the 8in x 8in pilot tunnel test section), you can test anything you like. We also have the ability to conduct world class optical measurements in our pilot wind tunnel including pressure sensitive paint and particle image velocimetry (PIV).

Our powered test cell is a flexible facility with supplies of very high pressure air (up to 90 Bar), high voltage electricity (up to 1MW), hydraulics, and cooling water. The test cell is over 3m wide and over 5m long with a height of over 2m so it can accommodate large items of equipment; it also has a dedicated control room and data acquisition system. Optical measurement techniques are available for use in this facility – for example, optical measurements of high pressure jets. Like our pilot wind tunnel, subject to safety requirements, you can test and commission anything you like.

ARA has a model deformation measurement capability which is based on stereoscopic or photogrammetric measurements. Structures or assemblies can be subjected to calibrated loads and the deformation of the entire structure can be accurately measured.

Case studies that use these services