Inspection and Reverse Engineering

ARA has extensive experience of inspecting a wide range of manufactured components from simple parts to complex assemblies.

Our inspectors can identify the reasons why a sub-assembly may be out of tolerance and, with the help of our highly capable fitting team, can recommend corrective actions.

Our Global Image CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) is equipped with a Renishaw SP25 analogue scanning probe which is accurate to within 5 microns. This machine is particularly useful when the most accurate of surface scans are required – or when the cumulative angular tolerances within a complicated assembly need to be understood.

Our Leica optical scanner is ideal for rapid inspection of complete systems and sub-assemblies with an accuracy of 50 microns. This system can also be used to create the measurement data required for reverse engineering individual components or assemblies.

MachinesInput / Output FilesPrecision
Global Image CMM equipped with Renishaw SP25 analogue scanning probeInput: STEP, IGES Output: STEP, IGES, XYZ±0.005mm
Leica Optical ScannerInput: STEP, IGES Output: STEP, IGES, XYZ, CATPart, STL±0.05mm