Precision Manufacturing

Our manufacturing team is experienced in creating high precision components and assemblies. We specialise in complex, high risk, one-off designs with demanding tolerances.

ARA has an onsite manufacturing centre with a comprehensive range of equipment including modern CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) and EDM (Electro Discharge Machining) machines:

  • CNC 5-Axis and 3-Axis Mills
  • CNC Lathe
  • EDM Die Sink
  • EDM Wire Erosion
  • Precision Jig Boring
  • Surface Grinders
  • Cylindrical Grinding

We also have strong relationships with highly capable manufacturing partners including specialists in additive manufacturing with capabilities including:

  • DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering)
  • SLA (Stereolithography)
  • WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacture)

Our fitting team can assemble components with micron precision, working closely with our inspection team to identify and then implement any adjustments required in order to achieve the required tolerances.

We work with a wide variety of metals including Titanium, Aluminium, Inconel, Stainless Steel and Tool Steel as well as non-metallic materials like SLA.

Manufacturing Capabilities


MachinesCapacityPrecision (inspected)
CNC 5-Axis Huron KX50MX Travel = 2000mm±0.01mm
CNC 5-Axis Hermle C400uX Travel = 850mm±0.01mm
CNC 5-Axis Hermle C250uX Travel = 600mm±0.01mm
CNC 3-Axis Doosan DNMX Travel = 1050mm±0.01mm
CNC 3-Axis Doosan DNMX Travel = 1050mm±0.01mm
CNC 3-Axis Doosan DNMX Travel = 1050mm±0.01mm
CNC Lathe Doosan including secondary drilling millingMax component length 2100mm±0.01mm
Manual Milling1200 x 600mm±0.01mm
Manual LatheMax. Dia. = 425mm, Max. Len. = 2200mm±0.01mm
Electro-Discharge Machining (Die Sink)X = 750mm, Y = 650mm, Z = 600mm±0.01mm
Electro-Discharge Machining (Wire Erosion)X = 500mm, Y = 300mm, Z = 370mm±0.01mm
Electro-Discharge Machining (Drilling)X = 360mm, Y = 270mm, Z = 400mm with table or Z = 550mm without±0.01mm
Precision Jig Boring MachineTable Size 400mm x 200mm±0.005mm
Precision Jig Boring MachineTable Size 900mm x 600mm±0.005mm
Precision Jig Boring MachineTable Size 600mm x 500mm±0.005mm
Surface Grinder (Small)X = 450mm, Y = 150mm, Z = 200mm±0.005mm
Surface Grinder (Large)X = 600mm, Y = 300mm, Z = 250mm±0.005mm
Cylindrical GrindingMax. Dia. = 200mm, Max. Length = 750mm±0.005mm

Additive Manufacture

ProcessMax VolumePrecision (as printed)
Direct Metal Laser Sintering500mm x 280mm x 365mm±0.2mm
Wire Arc Additive Manufacture320mm x 132mm x 154mm+2mm (for final machining)
Markforged Mark Two EDM 3D Printer320mm x 132mm x 154mm±0.1mm
Formlabs 3D Printer145mm x 145mm x 185mm±0.025mm

Fitting and Assembly

ItemPrecision (inspected)
Gaps at Joints±0.005mm
Angles between Components with Assemblies±0.1 deg
Surface Profile of Assemblies±0.05mm
Surface Roughness – Hand finishRA 0.4
Minimum Sharp Edge Thickness0.25mm


MachinesInput / Output FilesPrecision
Global Image CMM equipped with Renishaw SP25 analogue scanning probeInput: STEP, IGES Output: STEP, IGES, XYZ±0.005mm
Leica Optical ScannerInput: STEP, IGES Output: STEP, IGES, XYZ, CATPart, STL±0.05mm

Case studies that use these services