Powered Test Cell

The powered test cell is a fully enclosed and protected static test facility supplied by high-pressure air as well as electrical and hydraulic drive sources and cooling water. With a dedicated data acquisition capability and control room, this facility offers world-class powered testing and evaluation services.

The facility can be used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Commissioning of test rigs and other equipment wind-tunnel testing (either at ARA or elsewhere)
  • Engine nozzle development
  • High RPM propeller/air turbine simulation and commissioning
  • Industrial equipment commissioning and endurance testing

The facility incorporates a dedicated control room that can accommodate clients as well as ARA engineering staff. An on-site workshop and advanced manufacturing facility is also available to support commissioning and test requirements.

Developed for the exacting standards required by aeronautical research, this facility offers accessible and flexible capabilities for a wide range of engineering requirements across industries.

Our skilled and experienced engineers are available to help at every stage from understanding and developing your requirements to the delivery of test results, whether the application is a straightforward equipment trial or the commissioning of a complex, unique system.

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